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Mike's Hard Crisp Apple is a recent addition to the Mike's Hard Lemonade family, being - as the name would suggest - an apple-flavoured cooler-type beverage with 5% alc./vol. (Canadian measurement), that 5% being made up with vodka.

The taste is best described as... well, you know those "green apple" flavoured candies? Imagine those in beverage form. It's actually pretty good if you like the taste of artificial apple flavour and malic acid. You can hardly taste the alcohol, which is good if you're a light drinker who doesn't like the taste of alcohol, or are attempting to get drunk someone who doesn't like the taste of alcohol.

However, I must note that despite the best efforts of the carbonated water and citric and malic acids that compose a significant portion of the drink, the taste is nowhere near as "crisp" as the label would have you believe. It's too sugary and not tart enough to provide anything but a shallow, alcoholic impersonation of a Granny Smith apple - possibly a Golden Delicious, if one takes the colouring to be an attempt to convey apple-ness.

All in all, it's not a terrible drink. It's just not as apple-like as I'd like it to taste. A good drink for when you're with friends and don't want to drink beer for whatever reason.

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