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American frontiersman and folk hero (1770-1823). He was born near Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania and had a reputation as very strong man, an enthusiastic fighter, and an expert shot. In fact, legend has it that, as long as he was using his rifle, "Bang-All", he never lost a shooting contest. Davy Crockett is said to have challenged him to a shooting match once, but no matter what shooting stunts they pulled--driving nails, snuffing out candles, shooting flies off a cow's horn--they were evenly matched. Finally, Fink shot half a comb from his wife's head, and Crockett refused to attempt the shot.

There are a number of stories about how Fink died. The most likely factual one says that he was killed on his first expedition as a trapper by one of his companions. A more romantic one says that, during a rifle contest with a lifelong friend, his friend shot a can from Fink's head, accidentally grazing his scalp. Fink, enraged, shot his friend through the forehead when his turn came. Later, one of the dead man's friends killed Fink in retaliation.

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