Mike Resnick is a science fiction writer extraordinaire, with nearly forty novels to his credit. He has won Hugo awards for four of his short stories: The 43 Antarean Dynasties ('98), Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge ('95), The Manamouki ('91), and Kirinyaga ('89). He currently lives in Cincinnati, OH, where he and his wife Carol own and operate the largest grooming kennel in the US.

Resnick is quite possibly the greatest science-fiction author ever. The criterion under which he exceeds everyone else is this: if you pick up and read any one of his novels at random, then you have a 100% chance of being entertained. Not eighty, not ninety-nine, but a hundred percent.

The bulk of Resnick's novels are set out on the galactic frontier, a sort of wild west milieu enlivened with blasters, spaceships, cyborgs, aliens, and so on. His universe is well fleshed-out, with a timespan covering the rise and fall of a human empire, transitioning from monarchy to oligarchy to democracy to republic to finally spiralling into ruin, humans exiting the galactic stage into extinction. All the meantime, gamblers, theives, lawmen, assassins, speculators, entrepreneurs, pirates, politicians, prophets, bounty hunters, and many others get their stories told, their adventures splashed out on the page.

Mike Resnick's novels include:

Second Contact
Stalking the Unicorn: a Fable of Tonight
Will the Last Person to Leave the Planet Please Turn Off the Sun? (collection of short stories)
A Hunger in the Soul
A Miracle of Rare Design
Birthright: the Book of Man
The Dark Lady: a Romance of the Far Future
Santiago: a Myth of the Far Future
The Soul Eater
Walpurgis III
The Oracle Series
The Widowmaker series
The Widowmaker
The Widowmaker Reborn
The Widowmaker Unleased
Chronicles of Distant Worlds
Tales of the Velvet Comet series
Eros Ascending
Eros at Zenith
Eros Descending
Eros at Nadir
Tales of the Galactic Midway series
The Three-Legged Hootch Dancer
The Wild Alien Tamer
The Best Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gunslinger in the Whole Damned Galaxy
Lucifer Jones

If you have read none of these and need somewhere to start, I recommend Santiago.

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