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Mike Singleton is a computer game designer. He's responsible for games like Lords of Midnight (probably his most well-known title), Doomdark's Revenge, War in Middle Earth and Midwinter. Mordern exploits include games like Starlord and new version of Lords of Midnight, both of which have been crushed by the press. His latest offering, it seems, is Ring Cycle, just like LoMn but worse.

People have fortunately been spared from more of his designs. While the general consensus seems to be that Mike Singleton is a respected game designer, nobody seems to remember what makes his games "classics". At least some of his games are actually enjoyable.

Niko Nirvi described in his Pelit column (4/1995) what Sid Meier's Civilization would look like if it would be designed by Singleton. (This is a "news from 2001" style article... it's surprising to see that many modern games in general actually look like this).

CivGold has been made with 5D-Fracxels™, and it has 3000 milliard square kilometers of explorable area, all in glorious 3D. "CivGold world is many more times bigger than our Earth", Singleton told us. "There are eight opponents now, and each uses AI routine taken from my game Starlord." Infortunately, the combined size of the game and the soundtrack by Berlin Philharmonics forced them to make changes to game itself.

"Well, we managed to include two Wonders of the World, and almost whole 9 Civilization Advances. But the battles between four different types of units can now be fought in real time!" Singleton said.

Typically, Singleton games have absolutely nice-looking (at least in screenshots!) game engine, great (classical) music, and game system as confused and unplayable as possible. There are exceptions to this rule, such as Midwinter and WiME, where the game is actually pretty good, aside of the clumsy UI. (Every time people say "game designers need not to pay attention to the UI because players will learn whatever's thrown at them", I reply by saying "Mike Singleton". =)

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