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Mike Wazowski is a character in the computer animated film Monsters Inc. Mike plays the short, green, one-eyed friend and scare trainer of Sully, the top scarer at Monsters Inc. Mike seems to be the underdog in the whole film, but he always has a bright outlook on life. For instance, in the movie Mike is watching a commercial on TV that is supposed to have him making an appearance at the end along with other Monsters Inc. employees. As you obviously notice (if you've ever seen the movie) that Mike's face is covered up by the Monsters Inc. logo that pops up. "Can you believe it!" Mike exclaims, "I was on TV!"

Mike is a lover, a friend, and probably one of the funniest characters in the movie, Besides the little girl. Mike seems to represent, in real life, a fun-loving, average Joe who loves his job and his friends.

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