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If Hervanta is notorious, Mikontalo is the source of all evil there!

Mikontalo is built 1978-80 providing accommodation for magnificent 768 inhabitants, namely students. Mikontalo consists of twelve floors and four staircases. Every floor has a sauna both for females and males. There's also one laundry in Mikontalo and inhabitants may enjoy themselves and others' company in a common room facilitated by a cable TV and two daily newspapers. Tampere District Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) claims the responsibility for such a tragedy.

Accommodation comprises a single study-bedroom in a unit of two or three with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Units are designated for either men only or women only. A typical size of the each room is around 50 m^2. Rents for study-bedrooms are about FIM 1000 (~$150). Rent includes minimal furniture, electricity, hot and cold water, heating and access to the laundry facility and Internet and the sauna.

The tenant committee, chosen democratically by the inhabitants, arranges different kind of funny activities like carting, barbaque and various drinking contents.

Finally, I have to admit that the glory of Mikontalo has been in decline since the cable Internet access was installed. The nerds are slowly taking over, writing nodes all evening rather than consuming enermous amounts of alcohol.

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