A computer hobbyist magazine in Finland. The magazine used to have (in the 80s) a lot of good articles and hacks for 8-bit machines such as Commodore 64 and even some nice stuff for Amiga and PC...

...but now they're just a pale shadow of their former might and glory, and they now seem to write articles solely for clueless newbies (and sometimes it seems the articles were written by clueless people).

I think that before I cancelled my subscription, the only reason I subscribed it was that it had a kind of funny letters section. One near-legendary letter: "Do I need a modem to connect to MBnet?" The only thing funnier than the questions was that the staff writes really long replies to those letters - they have admitted they do have a lot of fun, even when one should not laugh at the newbie.

They also run MBnet, a big BBS/ISP.

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