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A great candy, and a threat to dental hygiene.

Originally made by the Fleer company, later bought out by Hershey.

Yellow cardboard box includes about 20-30 round balls of hard caramel surrounded by milk chocolate. Hard to chew, but tasty. Popular at movie theaters.

Holds a warm place in my heart because 10 of these boxtops translated into an actual Official NHL hockey puck when I was a small child. (Boston Bruins)

Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. Boy, that was a long time, and a long time ago.

Milk Duds are just about the only food product that attains success by trumpeting its imperfection on every package!

Milk Duds, originally created in 1926 by F. Hoffman and Company, were supposed to be perfectly round. But, due to the consistency of the "duds", ideal roundness was a physical impossibility.

The homely, slightly round, brown bits were suitably named Milk Duds by an employee of the company. "Milk" from the milk that was orignally injected into the center of each of the pieces, and "Dud" because they were, well, duds.

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