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Every family has them. You know those traditions that have been going on since before you can remember? Well, that's what Milky Way Day is for my family.

When I was little, I was with my grandpa all the time. He was 100% Italian, and we ended up calling him Papa. Every time my cousins and I would go over there, he would say, "What kind of candy bar does my grandkid want today?" And our replies would come: Snickers, Kit Kat, Twix. No matter what, Papa would always pull out a Milky Way and give us that. But he never actually handed it to us. He would make us jump up in the air for it.

When I was six years old, Papa died of cancer. Every year since then, on his birthday, March 26, my mom and my sister would eat a Milky Way candy bar. It is always an emotional experience. Despite the fact that I really don't like Milky Way candy bars, I eat one every year without fail.

To this day, I can not see a Milky Way candy bar or listen to Dean Martin, who my Papa insisted was the greatest singer ever, without thinking of my Papa.

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