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To participate in this modern, real-life version of Hermann Hesse's The Glass Bead Game
Film, interpretations, games ... those seem to be the big ones at the moment.
UC Berkeley
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Devil Bunny Needs A Ham
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A Note on the Name: Minderbender originally thought his name came from the character Milo Minderbinder from the novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Fortunately, user Chihuahua_Grub pointed out the one letter difference, preventing further embarassment. Minderbender likes his new name better, anyhow. Minderbender chose the name as he thought it was fittingly surreal, humorous, and interesting.

Minderbender is currently a student at the University of California at Berkeley, an intended Cognitive Sciences major. That's all the personal information to be divulged herein. Minderbender's interests include:

Minderbender always seeks new influences and interests ...

Everything2 reminds Minderbender very much of Hermann Hesse's The Glass Bead Game.

I am fire incarnate; people say they don't enjoy films if they are too "depressing". This is in effect a confession that film, to these sad folks, is not art but rather an uninvasive form of anti-depressants. We want explosions to get out our deepest inner rages; we want sappy relationships to reflect unsuccessfully on our own empty shells; we want a tidy ending so we can live forever; we want delusion and a nice, neat, piece of shit which will sit on the screen and simply take our 8 dollars rather than giving us anything in return. We don't want MOVIES.

My motto(s):

"And all over the world
strangers talk only about the weather
All over the world it's the same
And the world is getting flatter
and the sky is falling all around
oh, and nothing is the matter
for I'll never cry in town
and I never buy umbrellas
'cause there's always one around."
- Tom Waits
"Aboard a shipwreck train
Give my umbrella to the Rain Dogs
For I am a Rain Dog, too."
- Tom Waits

Some other quotes Minderbender finds interesting or somehow applicable to hisself:

"It may be simpler for your historical purposes to just assume everybody involved was some combination of stupid and insane, but I'll try to explain anyway. The ostensible goal of the bombings is the worldwide eradication of terrorism. How exactly bombings will result in this isn't clear. One theory holds that if you bomb all the places terrorists live and train, they will no longer be able to do either, and will thus pose reduced threats. These particular terrorists, of course, lived in Boston and New Jersey, and trained at a small aviation school in Florida, none of which have so far been bombed. Another theory suggests that if everybody on the planet is thoroughly convinced that the United States is willing to drop the world's most expensive bombs on even the world's most worthless targets, everyone will be more scrupulous about not pissing us off. This plan, however, assumes that the people under the bombs would rather leave innocent Americans alone than be blown up, which they have just finished vividly demonstrating is not at all the case, so again it's hard to see where this line of reasoning is leading."
-Author Unknown (to Minderbender)
"Gaming has effectively turned me into a mummy - a motionless,dessicated South American mummy like you'd see on Nova, though, not the Egyptian kind that can climb walls and punch a hole through your chest."
- Old Man Murray

Minderbender's contact information:
AIM: LokiOnIce
E-mail: Lokis_hammer@arcticmail.com