Another rare track from the Rage Against the Machine Demo Tape. The entire song is rapped with a heavy Jamaican accent. This means three things: (1) The "-ya" sound is added to the end of many words, (2) many constonants are rolled (trilled), and (3) it is quite hard to understand overall. This is the best I could come up with. Any help would be appreciated, feel free to /msg me for the .mp3. Other rare tunes from the demo tape are Autologic and The Narrows.

(Question marks show areas of uncertainty)

10-25-2003: Lyrics have been removed to comply with E2 copyright changes. If you would still like to see my transcription just /msg. =)

It is unknown what the acronym MSP refers to in this song, but a semi-random guess is the Mouvement de la Société pour la Paix (Movement for a Peaceful Society), an Algerian political party. Rage frequently addresses political parties and revolutionary groups.

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