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Don't forget "hot dish," which is a blanket term for any combination of gooey and non-gooey ingredients thrown together in a casserole dish and baked for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Popular ingredients include chow mein noodles, hamburger, cream of mushroom soup, taco sauce, canned tuna, potato chips, pats of margarine, tomatoes, American cheese. Not necessarily all at once.

You bring hot dish (note: no article) to the potluck.

I have a couple more oddities (at least to the rest of the country) to add:

Oh, fer cute! == "How cute!"
Oh, Fer shame! == "What a shame!"

I have actually heard real, live Minnesotans uttering these phrases.

Alas, Minnesotans have only one word for snow.

Also, the geographical colloquialisms "Up North" (for anything farther up than Mpls/St. Paul and "The Cities" for Minneapolis and St. Paul.

"We went Up North on vacation, but we came back through the Cities to go shopping."

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