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Mint chocolate milk is quite possibly the most delicious beverage I have ever tasted. It combines my favorite flavor, mint, with my favorite food, chocolate milk. The two combine, much like robotic lions, to form a giant super robot which will proceed to destroy the monsters of thirst sent by some random evildoer. But on to the recipe.


The making of mint chocolate milk is deceptively simple. You simply add the mint extract to the chocolate milk and shake or stir, then enjoy! Getting proportions can be a bit difficult. A tiny amount of mint extract goes a LONG way. I recommend about seven drops of mint extract to a quart of chocolate milk, but I like it to be quite minty. Someone who isn't as fond of mint might want to use a bit less. I've only experimented with spearmint extract, but I plan to do research with peppermint extract as soon as some becomes available to me.

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