The X-files

Miracle Man
Episode: 1X17
First aired:3/18/94
Written by: Howard Gordon and Chris Carter
Directed by: Michael Lange

10 years ago: a boy brings a horribly burned man back to life.
10 years later: Mulder and Scully investigate the Miracle Ministry, an evangelical ministry who claims that the boy, Samuel, has power to heal, however, two people have died recently after he laid his hands on them.

They find Samuel in a local bar who says his gift has been corrupted. He shakes up Mulder by telling him about Samantha, Mulder's missing sister. They arrest Samuel and take him to his bail hearing where the courtroom is suddenly filled with locusts.

Saumuel continues his show but he touches a woman in a wheelchair who goes into a seizure and dies, and Samuel is put back into jail. An autopsy shows that the woman was poisoned with cyanide and Mulder and Scully find that the locusts were put into the courtroom through the roof.

The sheriff puts two men into Samuel's cell who beat him to death.

Mulder and Scully find that the man Samuel saved 10 years ago, Leonard Vance, has been trying to incriminate him. However, he takes his own life after seeing a vision of Samuel.

Samuel's body is missing from the morgue and a nurse says she saw him walk out.

Throughout the episode, Mulder sees images of Samantha.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- " I think I saw some of these same people at Woodstock."
Scully (smiling) -- " Mulder, you weren't at Woodstock."
Mulder -- "I saw the movie."

Samuel -- "I've looked on the infirm and seen their sickness ... their cancer. Just as I can see the pain on this man (points at Mulder) right here."
Mulder -- "Really? What pain is that?"
Samuel -- "The pain you have regarding a brother or a sister. It's an old pain. It's never been healed."

Scully -- "I was raised a Catholic, and I have a certain familiarity with the scripture. And God never lets the Devil steal the show."
Mulder -- (smiling) "You must have really liked 'The Exorcist'?"
Scully -- (nodding and smiling) "One of my favorite movies."

Mulder -- "I think people are looking hard for miracles ... so hard that maybe they make themselves see what they want to see."

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