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An upscale neighborhood in Lima, Peru. Miraflores is one of the nicest of Lima's 42 departments, and the propaganda signs which line the sidewalks attest to that with slogans like "Let's make a Miraflores of Peru." Miraflores is the area for shopping, dining, or gazing wistfully at luxurious homes of wealthy South Americans, although the latter is often impeded by the three-meter walls around the better mansions. The wealth of Miraflores stands in stark contrast to the pueblos jóvenes so easily visible from any part of the city.

Miraflores overlooks the water, contributing to the astronomical (by Peruvian standards) housing prices: A nice three-bedroom apartment facing the water can set you back as much as $150,000 (US dollars only, please). Since you're paying for tranquility, the price is often worth it. Beautiful gardens and brightly-colored adobe houses are found in Miraflores's residential sections.

Lima's best shopping is found in Miraflores. In addition to the Larco Mar mall, dozens of specialty shops selling llama and alpaca goods line the district's streets. Bakeries sell traditional Peruvian delights, and some of Peru's best restaurants are located there.

Don't forget to hit the discotecas!

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