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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 9: Mirage's Betrayal
Original U.S. air date: September 18, 2001
Written by: Richard Epcar

A news broadcast about a large ruby which could be used in laser manufacturing catches the attention of T-AI and Optimus Prime, who see it as a likely target for the Predacons. The Spychangers are assigned to guard it, and at night the Predacons arrive to take it. Mirage is left on the roof to stop them because of his sharpshooting skill, but he skips the shot because the Predacons were too close to a chemical refinery, and they escape. Before they go, however, they leave a small bug on Mirage which they hope will lead them to the secret Autobot headquarters.

Instead, Mirage leaves the Spychangers in anger when he refuses to explain his failure to stop the Predacons. Hearing of his departure through the bug, Megatron allows Sky-Byte and the other Predacons to try and bring Mirage over to their side. When they meet him, Mirage says he wants to teach the other Spychangers a lesson and offers his help in leading them to a trap.

The Predacons show Mirage the new "mega-laser" they have built, which uses the ruby they stole. Mirage suggests he call the Autobots about the mega-laser and invite the Spychangers to meet him by it, setting up the trap. When they arrive, Mirage uses the Spychangers' secret hand signals to indicate the nearby Predacons and set up a surprise counterattack. He then destroys Sky-Byte's trigger for the mega-laser, and the other Spychangers work together to stop Megatron from using the second trigger. Mirage reveals that he knew about the bug all along, and his teammates' faith in him is restored.

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In the original Transformers cartoon episode "Traitor", the first Mirage was also accused of betraying the Autobots. (In that case, the cerebro-shells of the Insecticon Bombshell were responsible for his change of mind.) It's also interesting that Mirage and Ironhide are described as "old friends", since they are the only two Spychangers whose names come from original Autobots.

This is the only episode to feature any of the Spychangers developed as individual characters. At the same time, their unique emphasis on teamwork and military-like combat practice is highlighted to the point where it becomes the team's number-one weapon.

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