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Miroslav Šatan

Does Satan play ice hockey? Yes, indeed.

He's 6'2" tall and weighs around 195 lbs. Miro wears jersey number 81 for the Buffalo Sabres. Maybe the NHL frowns on 666. He plays on the left wing.

He was drafted in the 6th round (111th overall) by the Edmonton Oilers in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft. He was traded to Buffalo in 1997. He has appeared in two NHL All-Star games (2000, 2003).

He was born in Topolcany, Slovakia on Oct. 22nd, 1974.

generic-man says: The jokers at SI have a good sense of humor: you can find Satan's stats at

"shuh-TAHN" is the proper way to say #81's name. When spelled properly using diacritical marks, there is a caron, which looks like an upside-down caret (^), over the S. In most Slavic languages spelled using the Roman alphabet, this indicates the sound spelled in English as "SH".

Pronounced MEER-oh-slav shuh-TAN. With the departure of Dominik Hasek from the roster two years ago has been the highest paid Sabre at 3.5 million a year. He is one of the few players in the league who acts as his own agent. Known for his great hands, above average feet, average defensive skills and below average grittiness (i.e. you won't see him check anyone). He came to the Sabres via a trade with the Edmonton Oilers.

Exemplary of Buffalo professional athletes in that he is a classic underachiever. He eeked out 40 goals in the Stanley Cup Season by scoring his 40th in the 82nd regular season game and hasn't been back to that level since.

When he orders Pizza he uses his first name since many pizzaria's think it is a crank call if he uses Satan.

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