Hitomi is a fictional character from the collectable card game and role playing game called Legend of the Five Rings. Mirumoto Hitomi was the sister of Mirumoto Daini and Mirumoto Satsu and was the adopted daughter of the Mirumoto Clan Daimyo at the time Mirumoto Sukune. She was a normal girl until she saw her brother Mirumoto Satsu die at the hands of Hida Kisada's son, Hida Yakamo in a vicious duel where Hida Yakamo killed her brother with a single swing of his massive Tetsubo. She vowed vengeance upon Hida Yakamo.

On their first encounter after the incident, Hitomi attacked Yakamo and resulted in her amputating his left hand. Later, after Hida Yakamo grafted a Oni Claw onto his left hand, they met again at Beiden Pass. This time Yakamo was victorious, as he crushed both her left hand and The Ancestral Sword of the Dragon. In the ensuing months, she was recruited by Bayushi Kachiko to win the Test of the Emerald Champion and was grafted with the item called the Obsidian Hand. She lost to the Kakita Toshimoko of the Crane Clan. She again faced off against Hida Yakamo, with her emerging victorious but due to her conversation with Togashi Yokuni and knowing that Yakamo was a Thunder, she spared his life.

On the Day of Thunder, her alongside six other thunders from the other great clans with Togashi Yokuni, the Dragon Clan champion, and The Hooded Ronin, who in turn was the descendant of Shinsei, defeated the evil god Fu Leng. Hitomi played her part by opening the 12th Black Scroll which lay in the heart of Togashi Yokuni allowing the evil lord to be mortal. After the killing blow was dealt by Doji Hoturi and Akodo Toturi, she remade the clan in her own image.

Slowly, her body became more and more coated with obsidian. The hand was actually the hand of Onatanguu, the immortal moon. In a mighty duel, she defeated the moon and slowly descended to take his place. Her trip to immortality was written in the tale of Strike At Midnight: The Twenty-seven Days of Darkness and Strike At Midnight: Everything Dies. Later on, Hida Yakamo became the Sun, forever reinforcing that even in the celestial heavens, they were meant to chase each other in eternity.

In the game, Hitomi was a great character, with a low gold cost and decent combat values for both Toturi's Army and Dragon Clan. Hitomi's Experienced version isn't much more interesting and so is her Experienced 2 version. But on her Experienced 3 version, her ability to lead troops onto her cause is shown by her amazing dueling ability. Besides, 6 force and 5 chi and a great ability for 12 gold isn't much of a price to pay. Add that with great art, its a must have card for collectors.

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