I was born in a flat place with no shape and no form. When you looked over a horizon all you would see were wide open spaces. The spaces with filled farms, ranches, and unkempt fields. Old houses falling down, down, crash and never cleared away. Towns so run down, anyone that wasn't from that town would see it as a ghetto. A ghetto too quiet at night and too noisy during the day. Smells so foul from cars, farms, factories, trash, and road kill. The water was so dirty because of factories and farms and trash. There was a rumor that if you were to swim in them, you'd grow an extra toe or worse. Rivers were littered with dead fish and trash on their shores. You would hear mothers tell their children, "Don't take off your shoes, you may cut yourself," I was born in the flat, dirty, dangerous, abused planes of Indiana, but that's not where my home is.

My home is about a thousand miles north-east of there. It's littered with wild life living in peace with people, trees to climb, and mountains to hike. The land is a key to freedom that had been lost long ago. The air is so fresh and so clean it would shock you if you were south-west of there. And in the quiet night the sky is so clear. It didn't even matter if it was overcast or not, the beauty was still there. There isn't a trace of smog in the air from the carelessness of people. You would see an albino moose before you'd see trash. The woodland has water so clear you can see more than twenty feet deep under a waterfall on the shore. The water is not as warm, in fact it's ice cold. But it's a joy to swim in when you find a cave behind a huge waterfall where you and someone you love can swim. It's the type of place Hollywood would use for a romance clip in a movie. People still believe things the Natives did when it comes to nature. Don't get involved with nature out in the wild. The land is sacred and should be treated as so. Take pride in your homeland and just take what you need and leave the rest.

Home is where the heart is, and it's just so sad. My heart is a thousand miles away, and I won't be home until my heart and I reunite.

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