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The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (or MSMS as it is called for short) is a residential, public magnet high school located in Columbus, Mississippi. It is for Juniors and Seniors exclusively, and has graduated 16 classes of students. The School is beloved by the students, and is a passion for most of the faculty who could all be paid much better to do other things if they were not devoted to the cause (indeed 50% of the faculty hold PhDs). In short MSMS is the ideal paradise for the Open Minded and the Academic Oriented students of Mississippi.

Each MSMS class has about 120 students, who live in two dorms, Fant for the girls and Peyton for the guys. MSMS's budget constitutes about one tenth of Mississippi's whole education budget, and the school estimates a cost of about 15,000 dollars for each student that goes through the school. The school itself is located on the Mississippi University for Women campus, about 30 minutes east of Starkville.

Tommy, class of 2001

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