mister obama can i have a pony here in my third world country we do not have ponies only death and starvation

mister obama can i have a kitten here in my third world country we do not have kittens only war and disease

mister obama can i have a bunny here in my third world country we do not have bunnies only corruption and pollution

mister obama i will take good care of them and when they're big and grown my family can eat them

mister obama can i have an ak-47

i blame ancientsnow thedeadguy and barack obama's puppy

mister obama can i have a pony my daddy got laid of but he said he would buy me a pony if he could

u r buying your dater a puppy marissa has a puppy they are cute but they mess the carpet mommy would get mad

i would keep the pony outside i would fede it every day i would comb its hair every day and i would take very very good care of it

i would like a pink pony please does it come with hoofs i wonder or do we have to nail on the hoofs my dad has nails so we can do that if it would help

missis obama is tall can i play with shaha i will bring over dolls I have barbies can my mom call missis obama i need pemision to go

you can send the pony to my daddy he is home thank you i love you

AncientSnow originated this lovely phrase today in the E2 catbox.


A mnemonic I use quite frequently.

The first letter of each word in Mr. Obama Can I Have a Pony corresponds to 7 elements:


Magnesium 12

Oxygen 8

Carbon 6

Iodine 53

Helium 2

Aluminum 13

Phosphorus 15


Next to each element is its atomic number. THIS IS IMPORTANT. 12 is December, 8 is the 8th day. On the 8th day of December, 1941, the United States declared war on Japan, following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Next comes 6 (June) of 1953, which was the very famous execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for treason. The next number, 2, refers to their double deaths.

Then 1/31/5. Which, of course, was the birth date of Frank O'Hara, the author.

What we have so far:

12/8/41 Declaration of war against japan

6/53 Death of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

1/31/1905 Birth of Frank O'Hara

I know what you are saying:

"You are mental defective, I saw that when I saw the node title. I didn't even see the original node title, I just saw Japan, Rosenberg, O'Hara etc. etc."


Putting it all together:

The last bit is a little tricky and may seem convoluted to some of you.

Squint your eyes at these three items, ponder them. I want you to really think about it. Okay, two more clues.

  • Mr. Obama, the 44th POTUS, has his roots in Kenya.
  • In Kenya, they eat zebras (horse ponies).

Obviously, this is a recipe.

Fried Rice Sandwich


  1. Cook rice until it is moist.
  2. Slather butter on Jewish Rye bread.
  3. Place cooked rice on two pieces of rye bread.
  4. Mash together.
  5. Fry in Butter.
  6. ENJOY!

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