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The most addictive thing Baskin Robins has ever created, the Mocha Blast. In the family with the Mocha Blast are the Chocolate Blast, the Cappuccino Blast, and the Kahlua Blast.
The Mocha Blast is made using one scoop of vanilla ice cream, ice, chocolate and coffee-flavored syrup, then blending the whole mess together. You top it off with whipped cream and cinnamon.
For the Cappuccino Blast everything is the same, except you only use coffee-flavored syrup. Same thing for the Kailua, except you add a shot of Kahlua-flavoring to the batch.
For the Chocolate Blast you use chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup.
Those things are worse than crack when it comes to addiction, but maybe I'm doing it just for the caffeine...

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