A sketch on the now-cancelled The Downer Channel, a comedy television show from 2001.

Scene: The son walks in to a living room set, sees his parents sitting down reading.

Son: Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you.
(They put down their reading materials)
Son: You said no matter what I do, you'll always love me, right?
Mom: Right. What's on your mind?
Son: Mom, you'd better sit down. Here, have some tissues.

The son walks over to the stereo and turns on some melodramatic violin music.

Son (talking over the music): You said no matter what I do, you'll still support my decisions, right?
Mom: Right. (Uneasy) Why? What's wrong?
Son: Mom, Dad... (turns up the music) I'M MELODRAMATIC!
Mom screams and buries her face in her hands.
Dad looks as if his son came out of the closet. He picks up a lamp and smashes it.
Son poses dramatically showing all his mental anguish. The music is overpoweringly dramatic.
Son: Mom, stop. This is who I am. Maybe deep down on the inside, you're melodramatic too!
Dad: Noooooo!
Mom: Never!

The son gets up and walks out. The father yells as he leaves "Why can't you just be gay?!"
Son: "Because the ladies love it, Dad! I love the ladies!"

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