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Sitting on the train, later than I'd like to be because Pearl started her 1/2 hour shower a minute before my alarm rang. A woman gets on with two little boys, bright and ready for school.

Are we going to transfer today, Mommy?
Mom, how does the writing get on the walls in the tunnel, if it's not at the station?
Mom, did you give me two snacks today?

They settle in, one on either side of me, Mom standing. The younger one is rummaging through his lunchbox, squirming, alert; the older one is on his knees, looking out the window.

Mommy, we're on the 4 Train, right?
What's that say, Mom?

The little guy to my right peers down at my shoes:
I think those are Skechers, right?

I grin, nod.
Hey, Mommy! This lady's wearing skechers, just like me!

The train rocks.
I blush.
The boy bounces in his seat, singing
Coney Island, Johnny Jyland, Boney Byland

God, I love kids.

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