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Mother of Homer Simpson and ex-wife of Abraham Simpson (who describes her as "quite a demon in the sack"). By the time young Homer was six years old she had grown weary of Abe's plastic-fantastic-Madison-Avenue-set and began to fall in with a group of hippies after seeing a football player on TV with wild, unkept sideburns. She dragged both her husband and son to Woodstock and eventually was involved in a scheme to sabotage Mr. Burns' germ warfare lab. Now a wanted woman, she joined a hippie commune and fled her family, leaving Abe to raise their son. Homer was told that Mona died while he was at the movies.

Mona went on the lam with her hippie friends, eventually joining up with fellow hippies Seth and Munchie (who also describe her as "quite a demon in the sack"). She painted a beautiful mural of her son during her time there and eventually fled again back to the underground.

Mona has several aliases including Mona Stevens, Martha Stewart, Penelope Olsen, and Muddy Mae Suggins.

In the 1990s Mona learned that Homer had died (in actuality, he had been mistakenly declared dead) and she returned to Springfield to visit his grave. Instead she found Homer and the two caught up on old times. Eventually Bart and Lisa caught on to her fugitive past, and when Mr. Burns tried to take revenge, the Simpsons helped her escape back to the underground. In 2003 she sent a secret coded message to her son in the local newspaper, alerting him as to where they could meet safely. Alas, the police caught up with her again and she was tried in court for her crimes, but was eventually found not guilty. Mr. Burns still vowed revenge, however, and tricked her into admitting in public that she had signed a false name on a national park register, a federal felony. While being transferred to prison for this crime, Homer hijacked the prison bus to save her, but in an act of kindness she tasered him and tossed him from the bus to keep him from becoming a fugitive herself. Mona is believed to have died when the bus crashed into a lake, but instead she escaped and lives on. Homer believes her dead because he missed the second coded message that was to have alerted him to her survival.

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