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Addictive 1997 NeoGeo (also available as an arcade and a.k.a. Money Puzzle Exchanger) game by Face similar in gameplay to Magical Drop, but with coins. Each player's screen has a grid with coins and their character at the bottom. The character can pick up coins of the same value directly above of her pressing the A button, and throw them back up with the B button.

There are coins worth 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500. If you get together enough coins to make up one of the next highest value, they'll transform to one of that (excess coins disappear, 500 coins disappear when joined together). Chain reactions can be set up and they are worth extra points. It can be played solo (coins will slowly go down the screen, when they reach the bottom, you lose), against the computer (with increasingly difficult opponents) or vs. another player.

The game has excellent anime graphics, with cute cartoon characters and a nice intro. The characters you can choose in Vs COM mode are Debtmiser and Exchanger (with a nice stats page, including blood type :), and your opponents are (in appearing order): Coquetry, Cherrybeiter, Everyworker, Eldylabor, Macker and Nightdealer. After Everyworker you play the other character (Exchanger if you are Debtmiser and viceversa).

Besides the nice graphics, the music is quite good and the opening intro is great. The game is highly addictive, but in the default level it can be finished without much fuss.

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