I have a monitor cleaning device on my desk. It's a teal color, shaped like a sqashed capital "T" with a fat base, and about 2" tall and 4" wide along the top bar of the "T". The body is thin, flat plastic, cheaply-made but not bendy. There's synthetic fuzzy stuff attatched to one side of the top, and you're supposed to wipe the dust off your monitor or TV screen with it. I think it worked pretty well for the TV, but my computer didn't really need it, and it doesn't take off fingerprints rudely left behind by your little sister.

Apparently its main purpose is promotional--in my case, the Nez Perce Tribe/Nee-Me-Poo Historic Trail, via a logo and web address. Strangely, when I visited this site (www.fs.fed.us/npnht), I found no mention of fuzzy monitor cleaning devices in their promoitonal materials section.

It's a little odd, I guess. The Nez Perce are supposed to be one of the Native American tribes with the strongest remnants of cultural identity... yet after living near them for 5 years, my experiences with them extend no further than buying their salmon in the summer and finding their web address on a teal plastic monitor cleaning device.

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