In addition to the song of this title (once noded by knifegirl), James Kochalka has also written and published a graphic novel called "Monkey vs. Robot." (When I saw that title at the library, I couldn't resist picking up something that used so many E2 semi-mascots.) It is done in a very simple-looking art style in dark green and white and has very few words (the monkeys, of course, don't speak English, and the robots just don't say much). But the story of the robot factory at the edge of the jungle, the monkeys who live in the jungle, and how each group comes to feel threatened by the other, and the result of their war, is very moving. In a February 2003 interview, Kochalka says that he is drawing a sequel, Monkey vs. Robot and the Crystal of Power.

There are two short films of this title, both using Kochalka's song as a soundtrack. Swerve Pictures has a listing for an animated film called Monkey vs. Robot, by Geoff Marslett, and lists a live-action film made by Nate Pommer.

The track listing for Kochalka's 1997 "Monkey vs. Robot" album is, according to

  1. Bad Astronaut
  2. Soundecheck Of Love
  3. Monkey Vs. Robot
  4. Little Robot Lost In Space
  5. Hockey Monkey
  6. Show Respect To Michael Jackson
  7. False Start
  8. President Kockalka
  9. Fifteen Teenage Girls
  10. I Am Rock
  11. Ocean Of Girls
  12. Beautiful Christmas Lights
  13. Peanut Butter & Jellyfish
  14. Pizza Rocket
  15. Keg Party
  16. Put Down The Gun
  17. Bathroom Buddies
  18. Hot Rod Monkey
  19. Pony The Penis
  20. Punch The Clock
  21. Ballbuster
  22. Monkey Drum Solo
  23. Hey, Ronald Reagan
  24. Robot Drum Solo
  25. The Pulse
  26. Twinkle Twinkle Ringo Starr
  27. The Pants Are Up Now!
  28. Thank You, Etc.
  29. Yo...Check, Check, Check.
  30. The Kid Who Collects Set Lists?
  31. Bonus Tracks 1

Kochalka, James. Monkey vs. Robot. Marietta, Georgia: Top Shelf Productions, 2000.

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