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Montreal Steak Spice is the foundation of many an excellent beef based dish. It contains several spices including salt and pepper. It ends up tasting somewhat spicey, but not overpowerlingly so.

Montreal Steak Spice is best used by liberally sprinkling it on both sides of a steak. It also works well as an ingredient with spaghetti sauce. Lamb is not outside the domain of being MSS compatible either. Also great in a mix for home burgers. French Fries may also be augmented by Montreal Steak Spice.

This substance should always be in your spice rack (or other spice containment facility), all side Seasoning Salt. All hail Montreal Steak Spice!

please note Montreal Steak Spice is not a particular brand or trademark, it is a recipe! However it is available premade quite readily in the spice section of stores.

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