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A monophonic analog synthesizer with a 32-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1981 and 1983, also known as Model 342A.

The Rogue is a low-budget version of the (already cheap) Prodigy model.
The unit features 2 syncable and detuneable VCOs with a 8'-32' range. Sawtooth and square are selectable with one switch; both oscillators have to share the same waveform. A white noise generator is included, with a slider for level control.
A single self-oscillating 24dB/octave low-pass VCF is offered as the filter. It features variable keyboard tracking plus controls for cut-off, resonance and envelope amount. An audio input allows the filter to modulate an external source.
For modulation there is a 0.3-30Hz LFO, which offers auto-triggering and is switchable between triangle, square and random (sample/hold) waveforms. It can modulate the VCOs and the VCF.

The unit contains one simple AD envelope generator with selectable sustain and VCA modulation amount. An overdrive mode can be used to apply some distortion to the sound.
Other features include glide, modulation / pitch bend wheels plus CV in/out for external control.

Text from the Original Ad:

Shift into OVERDRIVE

Slide into the driver's seat of The Rogue.
Twin oscillators with hot new overdrive circuits.
Contoured sync-sweep for screaming lead voices.
Extensive Modulation, Noise, Auto-Trigger and Sample/Hold for exciting effects.
Interacting with other synths or computers, even an audio input for processing external signals.
The Rogue.
Loaded with power, and the lowest priced Moog on the market.
(Sorry, air conditioning and racing stripes unavailable)

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