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An Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode.

Opening Dr. Weird gag: Dr Weird emerges, "Am I not invisible?" He isn't. Meanwhile, the Mooninite ship is descending above his fortress. "Why not?!" bellows Dr. Weird.

Meatwad is counting his Harvest Time tickets while Master Shake shouts random numbers to confuse him. Ignignokt and Err land outside and burst in through the window. Everyone except Frylock is delighted to see them. The Mooninites offer to take Meatwad on another crime spree, to get him the ten-speed bike he's been saving the tickets for.

At the carnival, Err simply jumps on top of the game's targets and churn out a huge pile of tickets. Instead of Meatwad's ten-speed, though, they get a belt which grants the wearer all the powers of 70s supergroup, Foreigner.

Using the belt, the Mooninites break into Carl's house to steal his pornography. Distracting Carl with 70s rock nostalgia, Ignignokt uses the belt to freeze Carl into a block of ice and escapes with his pr0n and his dresser. After admiring the porn in the woods, Meatwad is goaded into burning the dresser (and the woods catch fire too).

Back at the Aqua Teens' house, Frylock confronts Meatwad and the Mooninites about their activities while Shake makes off with the porn. Ignignokt uses the belt to blind Frylock and they retreat to the backyard pool. Shake comes out and asks them to belt-magic him some women - so they tell him to go stand in the street. Carl, having thawed himself using his tanning bed, turns up and steals the belt, boils the pool with its power and drives the Mooninites away. Frylock, still blinded, comes out. Carl tries to reverse the spell but turns his head into a Connect Four. Shake, still standing in the busy street, gets hit by a truck.

Memorable Lines:

  • MEATWAD: You get me a beer and a woman... and I'll give that waterbed a workout!
  • SHAKE: Give (the porno mags) all to me - I gotta learn to read - back here.
  • MEATWAD: Damn right I'm a dirty white boy!
  • MEATWAD: But... this dresser is where Carl keeps his clothes!
    IGNIGNOKT: (referring to pr0n) These women don't have clothes and they're not complaining!
    ERR: Yeah, man! They're kissin' each other!
  • IGNIGNOKT: Getting it is easy. Filling it with illegal substances and sending it across the border is not.
    ERR: Yeah, see those dogs can smell anything! So you gotta kick 'em in the throat!

This was the episode that got me hooked on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Unfortunately, here in the UK, CNX doesn't seem to have a concrete schedule.

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