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More Cheese, Less Mustard is a small-to-medium sized restaurant on Northbourne Avenue in Canberra, Australia. The name, or so the rumours say, came from the owner's shrewd observation of a Japanese tourist's request for toppings on a hot dog.

"More cheese, less mustard."

And thus the restaurant is tailored. In accordance with some sort of cosmic joke, all extra cheese is free at the restuarant. This, as I can testify personally, is a larger drawcard than many would be led to believe. No available dishes have mustard with them when listed on the menu. There are, however, a few dishes containing ham that many (including the management) agree would be complimented quite nicely by mustard. With these, a quiet word to the waiter may produce a small dipping-size portion of mustard. When doing this, it is best to keep your voice low so other diners don't laugh at you.

Established in 1995, More Cheese, Less Mustard has been doing a moderately brisk trade since its inception and founding. The seating area has become larger, small pockets (trios or quartets usually) of musicians are now paid to play music, generally either classical or jazz. The owner, charismatic as ever, will never be found hiding in the back counting numbers; he works the register, sometimes he is a waiter - there are rumours he has played once or twice in a jazz quartet.

The food is priced moderately, and provides reasonable value for money. Discounts may sometimes be available for the chanting of their mantra-cum-secret-passphrase.

The hourly rate for a waiter is believed to be AUS$9.40, plus tips.

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