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Somewhat of a response to reading: an alternative viewpoint, but not really. I assumed this node had already been created because there is rarely anything new under the sun
What could be more real than reality? If something isn't part of reality then it's not really real, is it?

Yet I can't feel that there are things somehow more real. Things that you know are fictional, yet feel represent an elemental truth of reality. It is said "The foo that is spoken is not the true foo", which is an elemetal truth of reality, yet it, too, is spoken. And the key is fiction. Fiction (as in novels, films, theater, even music) is a representation of reality, a filtered reality, a mini-reality for your personal enjoyment; or fiction is pure imagination, with very little basis in reality - either way fiction cannot be reality in wholeness.

"How Beautiful, if sorrow had not made
Sorrow more beautiful than Beauty's self
Hyperion - John Keats (I could have used Ode on a Grecian Urn, but I thought I'd be mischeviously obscure.)

More Real Than Reality, that's what Keats captured in those lines. When I first read them I couldn't help but close my eyes and deeply absorb their bitterly beautiful Truth; it was like Keats had taken the whole, huge, shaken and stirred mixer that is lifeand distilled it to one of its more bittersweet components. Distilled Reality. I want to say Concentrated Reality, but that wouldn't be right, because though it is a concentrated element of reality, it's not the whole thing, it's just one little piece. Anything More Real Than Reality sacrifices part of the whole to emphasize the one.

I once wrote in my journal "We develop abstractions to explain reality, but reality is not an abstraction, reality simply is; but we treat the abstractions as reality and thus miss the truth: the abstraction exists only in our minds. Gravity does not exist; I fall. Time does not exist; the Sun rises. God does not exist; I love you."

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