More than leaves are falling,
Less Serotonin's calling.

No big pumpkin crop now,
Plow furrows on my brow.

Coffee's for Seattle-ites,
I'm in dead satellites.

Crashing and burning star,
Watching all my dreams char.

Won't you join my bummer,
As Autumn devours summer?

You see yellow and red,
I see chlorophyll's dead.

Fun jumping in leaves not,
The bottom's only rot.

Worms scramble from the rain,
They're feasting on my brain.

Just like sweet meat jelly,
Rice, beans fill my belly.

No turkey, mashed taters,
Pumpkin pie, feast traitors.

Cranberry, pecan pie,
For those treats I would die.

But after the hyperglycemia,
Need an encyclopedia.

We grow new synapses,
But, I've too much lapses.

Soon I'll see snow piling,
Understand no smiling.

Sad has an acronym,
Season Disorder's grin.

A Season of Cider and Cinders: FallQuest 2011

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