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This is the end of May and it’s morel season. These luscious mushrooms have an earthy fragrance and a dense, yet lacy texture. Not quite truffles, but delicious nonetheless. If you look around your markets, you might be able to find somefresh. Reconstituted dried morels won’t work for this. Save those for a risotto. This is a bit extravagant and expensive but very very simple. Have this with a red wine and crostini. Split the omelet in two with a friend.

What You Will Need
Four good-sized morels roughly chopped
A small bit of minced white onion
One clove of garlic, minced
A teaspoon of butter
Four free-range eggs
Another teaspoon of butter, preferably a cultured butter suchy as a Normandy]
Two good slices of havarti cheese
A few sprigs of fresh oregano
A few leaves of garlic chives
Salt, black pepper

What Now?
Sauté the minced onion. When it becomes translucent, add garlic and morels. When the morels become aromatic, remove from heat and set to the side. Beat the four eggs well, perhaps adding a few drops of water. Add butter to the pan and pour in the egg. Moving a spatula gently around the edge of the omelet, allow the uncooked egg to flow underneath. When the omelet is beginning to become firm, put the morel, onion, and garlic on one side of the omelet and the havarti on the other and cover for a few moments and reduce the heat. When the cheese is melted and the eggs are set, slide the spatula underneath the side with the cheese and quickly flip it over. Slide the omelet from the pan onto a plate. Garnish with oregano sprigs and the leaves of garlic chives. Season with salt and pepper. Yay!

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