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Location: 37.22 N, 86.70 W
Population (2000): 2,544
Area: 8.7 sq km (land)
Zip Code: 42261
Area Code(s): 270
Nearest Major Cities: Owensboro, Kentucky (35 miles); Bowling Green, Kentucky (20 miles); Russellville, Kentucky (25 miles)

Morgantown, Kentucky is a moderate size city in western Kentucky. It is the county seat of Butler County and was established in 1811 by Christopher Funkhouser. The origin of the “Morgantown” name is unknown, though tradition has it that the city may have been named for Daniel Morgan Smith, first white child born in the area. The post office was opened in 1813.

Morgantown is served by highways US Highway 231, a major north-south route; Kentucky state routes 70 and 79; and with three exits from the William H. Natcher Parkway (formerly known as the Green River Parkway). The city lies near the Green River, and Mammoth Cave National Park is within about an hour’s drive.

Notable events in Morgantown and Butler County include the Butler County Fair, held each July, and the Catfish Festival in the fall (in which one may eat more catfish than is probably healthy).

Transportation Cabinet, Commonwealth of Kentucky
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Personal knowledge

Personal note: Morgantown is also my home town.

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