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A group of outcast mutants in the Marvel Universe. They first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #169.

In the Marvel Universe, human mutation has reached a point where an offshoot of humanity known as homo superior has emerged. These mutants possess abilities and characteristics that make them different from the rest of mankind.

Where some of these mutations are benificial, others cause their bearer to become an outcast from the rest of society. Many of these outcast mutants gathered in the Alley, a series of tunnels beneath the island of Manhattan originally designed for use in case of a nuclear attack. These outcast mutants originally were gathered together by Callisto, a female mutant, with the help of Caliban, a mutant with the ability to detect other mutants. Callisto organized these outcasts in the Alley and dubbed them the Morlocks after the underground race in H.G. Wells novel The Time Machine.

Over the years, the Morlocks came into conflict with another group of mutants, Charles Xavier's X-Men, when Callisto kidnapped the X-Man Angel to act as her consort. The X-Men's leader Storm and Callisto fought for leadership of the Morlocks, which Storm won.

Later, the Morlocks again came into conflict with the X-Men when Kitty Pryde was nearly forced to wed the Morlock Caliban in payment for saving her teammate Colossus's life.

The Morlocks were later attacked and slain by a group of mutants organized by Nathaniel Essex, the mutant known as Mister Sinister. This so-called Mutant Massacre cost many of the Morlocks their lives, with a few being rescued by the future X-Man Gambit, who was involved with Sinister in the planning of the attack. Among those who Gambit saved was a young mutant named Sarah, who would later become known as Marrow.

Marrow and a group of other mutants returned to the Alley years later and began a campaign of terror, as they attacked the people above ground. Again, the X-Men intervened with Storm and Marrow fighting until Marrow was seemingly killed by Storm.

Other members of the Morlocks are:

Tar Baby
The Healer
The Piper

Morlocks are a species of humans in H. G. Wells' first novel The Time Machine. The novel is set mostly in 802, 701 A. D., when human beings have evolved into two species -- the Eloi and the Morlocks.

Morlocks live in a network of underground tunnels. They are generally a nocturnal species. Because they are rarely, if ever, exposed to sunlight, their complexion is almost completely devoid of color. For the same reason, they also fear sunlight and fire.

They tend the Eloi like cattle, feeding them and taking care of their basic needs. However, an unsuspecting Eloi could be stolen away on any given night to become dinner for the Morlocks. The Eloi are innocent, child-like people, who vaguely fear the dangers that lurk underground and in dark places.

The protagonist of the novel, known simply as The Time Traveller, uses his Time Machine to travel from the present day to the world of the Eloi and the Morlocks. He loses his beloved Eloi Weena to the Morlocks one night and sets out on a mission to save her from their clutches. It is in the course of this mission that he learns about the Morlock world, spoken of only in vague whispers, where the sun shines.

Addendum: The entire novel is not set in 802, 701 A. D. The Time Traveller makes stops in eras far ahead of that of the Eloi and Morlocks, when the planet is in utter decay with no visible signs of life. He also stops by in the 24th century, when returning to his own time. In the latter era, he gets waylaid by a fame-hungry man and nearly doesn't make it back.

I don't mention the other time periods in the original post because he meets the Morlocks in just one era.

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