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Mornings are all early.

Each morning I wake at dawn, never before,

never after. The light creeps in and rouses me to meet the day.

If I slept in total darkness, it could not find me. Would I wake?

Would I face the day?


I spend the dawn dithering.

An hour flies by,

And at last I am dressed and gone.


The day rises like a mighty bird in the west,

Its great wings obscuring the sun,

And all that the dawn promised is hidden from my sight.

If I stayed in total darkness, I would not know the difference.

Would I still grieve?


I spend the day dithering.

Twelve hours fly by,

And at last I am ready to begin my work.


The night rolls in in a cloud of orange light,

Which sticks to the streets, drowning moonlight and starlight alike.

I walk in this light and wonder when I will fulfill any of my promises.

If I stayed in total darkness, none would ever find me.

Would I still feel bound to my oaths?


I spend the night searching.

Ten thousand web pages scroll by.

I am not ready to sleep and restart the cycle.


If I stayed awake forever,

Would the cycle break first,

Or me?

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