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Moscas En La Casa

Pretty much translates to "Flies in the house".

"Mis dias sin ti son tan oscuros
Tan largos tan grises
Mis dias sin ti
Mis dias sin ti son tan absurdos
Tan agrios tan duros
Mis dias sin ti"

Shakira, ¿Donde estan los ladrones?, Sony International 1998

"My days without you are so dark
So long so gray
My days without you
My days without you are so absurd
So sour so hard
My days without you"

Shakira, ¿Donde estan los ladrones?, Sony International 1998

You could take your ego for a walk and say that this song is a pathetic lost lover rant, and that you'd never say such corny lines (or sing them, more accurately). Well, drop the act. We've all been there. We've all whined, and cried, and felt like tied in a chair in a middle of a dark, humid room, with a light that barely lights your face enough to show the horror of your expression. The great thing about this song, though, isn't the poor empathy, but the way the singer vocalizes these lines, not as a wailing damisel in distress, but as a true melancholical poet.

She turns dwelling in pain into beauty. That's what I like to call art.

Discography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C2%BFD%C3%B3nde_Est%C3%A1n_Los_Ladrones%3F Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/shakira/moscasenlacasa.html

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