Moscow University is based in the southeast of the city. It is a huge institution, a broad evil-looking building thats neo-gothic in style (with a few classical adournments) of 28 floors, 33 kilometers of corridors, and 55,000 students. It was built impossibly quickly within 4 years (1949-1953) by both working day and night and with the typical Stalinist incentive that builders who were not meeting their quotas would be built into the walls of the construction.

It provides the best view of Moscow, from the 28th floor of the university, where a single open window is based in a tiny cartography museum (which occupies the whole of the small 28th floor). Which you will have to pay to get into (Unless like me you happened to be dressed in a dominant-looking suit and coat, and walk in like you own the place because you didn't know you actually had to pay the guy at the entrance). All of the views from the other floors are from the personal offices of professors which you obviously cannot go into, anyway these windows seem to have not been cleaned since the fall of the Soviet Union.

The Student Cafeteria is good, and cheap even for Moscow prices! Nice food - I liked the incredibly cheap smoke salmon personally. Queues here of course!

The elevators - the Moscow Metro is more reliable and easier to understand than these elevators. Some only go to certain floors, so it's likely the first couple of times you'll find yourself going up and down like a clueless yo-yo.
N.B. The 28th floor has no accessible stairs (great in case of a fire!), so the elevator is the only way there and back. When we were there, the elevator broke so we were trapped on the tiny floor for a while - even when they were working the 28th floor only seemed to have a lift every 20 minutes or so, and those doors close really quick so stay alert and ready to jump into one!

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