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For a less than authentic Mother Shipton experience, noders should take themselves to the *historic* 'Mother Shipton's Cave' experience in the small Yorkshire village of Knaresborough. The birthplace and residency of the one and only Mother Shipton!

Enterprising media moguls have leapt upon the local natural wonder of a petrifying well to flog the Mother Shipton story to the world at large, while at the same time flogging vast amounts of 'Mother Shipton' merchandise. (Turned to stone in that very cave!)
For the meagre sum of £4.95 (£3.95 for children) you too can walk along the woodland path to the well, and stare in horror at the many teddy bears hanging grotesquely by their necks, waiting to be turned to stone and then sold for an extorionate price in the Mother Shipton Shop!

A Great Day Out for all the family ;o)

In seriousness, Mother Shipton's cave is a local natural treasure and very interesting geologically. Many generations of people have left items there to be petrifyed by the mineral rich well water, which in turn has left many unusual rock formations around the cave itself (such as a large lump that was once a rather splendid Victorian top hat!). Should you be visiting Knaresborough, it is a point of interest, but don't plan your day around it, the river and tea shops are far more exciting.

See http://www.mothershipton.com for more details

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