Mother of Demons is one of the names given to Lillith because, after her banishment from the Garden of Eden, she took up residence near the Red Sea and spawned an awful lot of demons, known as the lilim.

A novel by Eric Flint, exploring the fate of three adults and 50 children landing on a planet with alien lifeforms and no metabolizable food.

She is Lilith now
Cast from the Great Garden
Banished by God and Man
To be a demoness in the desert
Confronted by his messengers
And she’s carved his name into her bared breasts
As a lonely gesture
As an angry gesture
She will now haunt Nod
Following her own law
And wishing not to know his warmth
His life
Kane will approach her and speak of his story
She will weep for the loss of his brother
And comfort him
And she will carve her name into his chest
And he will understand
And she will understand
And they will die together
Bones left to bleach under the sun

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