"Motherfucking cunt!!" the Earthman bellowed through the transparent observation surface of his containment chamber.

Investigator Fluox'm tilted his head in curiosity, as the Earthman continued speaking loudly and gesturing from time to time. The Investigator sensed the presence of his Superior entering the room behind.

"Status of the subject?" the Superior queried.

"It appears-- sorry, he appears," Fluox'm quickly corrected, "I am certain he is from the time when the distinction by genital components remained in practice. He appears to have awakened fully from the antiquated cryogenic process in which he was preserved approximately nine-thousand universal temporal units past, about thirty-four point seven of his 'centuries,' plus or minus one point four. That is our best determination. He seems disoriented. I have attempted to explain the necessity of maintaining the containment protocol for this time period, but his responses have been...." Fluox'm searched momentarily for the most appropriate adjective "unhelpful."

The Superior stepped beside Fluox'm, to observe the subject's behavior.

"Are you able to decipher the meaning of his statements?"

Fluox'm raised the portion of his brow where a human might have a long tuft of hair, for Fluox'm had indeed studied this aspect of the subject's behavior as intensely as time permitted, and yet to little avail. "The tongue is very archaic, and I must confess, its-- his-- usage is confusing. He appears to be interspersing references to ancient mythohistoric religious figures with references to the reproductive organs of both dimorphoc sexual forms which prevailed in his time, and to the act of reproduction itself, as well as acts apparently relating to it, though of no obvious reproductive benefit."

"What sort of acts?"

"Primarily those referencing contact between the reproductive organ and one of two other bodily orifices, one purposed for the introduction of raw materials, and the other purposed for the evacuation of solidified waste. I have attempted to explain to the subject that I would be unable to provide the requested contact, as I have neither orifice, and yet he continued to insist that I should engage in precisely such contact."

"Curious. And what was it-- he-- referencing as I entered?"

"My best understanding thus far is that he is catalogueing me as an engaging in reproductive conduct with a feminine dimorphic sexual form from which I am hypothesised to have issued. This makes little sense, I fear. I suspect it to be intended as a negative evaluation of my intellect, for in a sexually dimorphic population such as the one from which he came, reproduction with an organism within one's own immediate line of descent would fail to engender reproductive genetic improvement. And yet, just as he did as you entered, he often addresses me quite intensely by terms generally used to reference the external presentation of the feminine reproductive orifice, which my studies indicate to be an anatomical feature highly valued by males -- and some females -- of his species. I interpret this as a signal of affection."

Throughout their conversation, the subject had continued in its commentary directed toward Investigator Fluox'm. Perhaps sensing the higher status of the Superior, the subject suddenly gestured in the Superior's direction, and declared, "Hey, hey you there!! If you're not gonna let me out of here, then why don't you just bend over and fuck yourself."

Following the Investigator's hasty translation, the Superior, seeing no harm in the exercise of so mundane a ritual, obligingly turn around and bent over at the central bodily fulcrum, digits comfortably bent backwards and pressed to the floor, hindlimbs straight and set a few inches apart. And then, the Superior simply extruded its masculine reproductive organ in a graceful curve, causing it to enter its feminine reproductive orifice, naturally located directly behind the masculine.

And, for the first time since the subject had been restored to awareness, it-- he-- fell silent.

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