Mothertrucker (or just "Mother" for short) was the name we gave our transportation and housing. This being in the form of a big red (we painted it red, it came in Army green) box on wheels. "Mother" had been retired from the Army where she had been a troop carrier. Dodge 1968 or 1969 one ton. Transmission was 4 speed with "granny" low (you basically had to be at full stop to grab first gear and it was really slow with a lot of torque), not 4 wheel drive. A long stroke flat head six engine was the pusher and the box was metal reinforced with horizontal braces on the inside. Notably, the cab and camper box were separated with no way to communicate between them. We converted this box into a camper. She had bunk-beds on one side and a raised queen size bed in front with a picture window looking right over the cab. This "conversion" camper made two trips from Washington State to Michoacan, Mexico and back.

In addition to serving as transportation and living quarters, "Mother" served once as a drying shed. That, also, is another story for another day.

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