There seems to be a glaring difference between men and women at the gym. Most of the men stare confidently
at themselves in the mirrors as they curl free weights. The women, however, get this glazed look on their
faces while on the stairmaster. It too, is a look of determination, but of a different kind. Flipping through
page after page of anorexic models and diets that make an Ethopian’s meal look like the dessert table at Dom
Deluise's wedding, their eyes seem to say, “Someday, Some guy will love me. If I could just lose 20

How To Get Motivated While at the Gym

Lately I've been going to the gym before work in the morning in an attempt to get in better shape. Getting up in the morning was bad enough before, but now you want me to get up an hour earlier?

Sure, it's easier to just get up a "bit" earlier than try to work around carpool schedules, evening activities, and slacker friends who don't show up because they have had to work around schedules, etc.

But I Digress

Here are a few things to think about when your standing there in your gym strip trying to keep from falling asleep and wishing you could go home.

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