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The Highest mountain in Colorado. It is located just west of the center of the state and south west of Leadville. At 4399 meters (14,433 feet) it is second highest peak in the lower forty-eight. (The Highest is Mt. Whitney) Located to the north and south are Mt. Massive and Mt. Harvard, the third and forth highest peaks in the lower forty-eight respectively. All are part of the Sawatch Range.

It is not a particularly difficult mountain to climb and many people do every year. Though not as well traveled as Pikes Peak or Mount Evans, since they both have roads that go all the way to the top of the peak. It does take at least a full day to climb it though, four hours up and four hours down. (Add lots of breaks for those not in good shape.)

The mountain was named for Samuel H. Elbert, an early Colorado politician. He served as Colorado' s Territorial Secretary, Territorial Governor, and State Supreme Court Justice successively and was prominent in the drive for statehood. One county and one town in Colorado were also named after him.

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