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At 11,502 feet high, Mount San Gorgonio is the highest peak in Southern California. It is part of the San Bernardino Mountains and has been designated a part of the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area.

The peak and surrounding wilderness area were named after the Christian Saint Gorgonius who suffered martyrdom in Nicomedia (d.304). It was originally part of an eastern holding of the Mission San Gabriel. A later Mexican Land Grant established it as part of the Rancho San Jacinto y San Gorgonio. The mountain has been known by this name since the 1850s, though it wasn't until 1899 that it first appeared in print on a USGS document.

There are several trails that offer access to the summit, including the Vivian Creek Trail, the Fish Creek Trail, the South Fork Trail, the Lost Creek Trail, the Aspen Grove Trail and the Momyer Creek Trail. There is an official campsite at the summit.

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