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Mountain Interval (1916) was Robert Frost’s third book of poetry. For some reason, in the original table of contents six poems were emphasized by putting their titles in all caps. Those poems are in bold below.

The dedication:

that before this interval of the South Branch under black mountains, there was another interval, the Upper at Plymouth, where we walked in spring beyond the covered bridge; but that the first interval of all was the old farm, our brook interval, so called by the man we had it from in sale.

1. The Road Not Taken
2. Christmas Trees
3. An Old Man’s Winter Night
4. A Patch of Old Snow
5. In the Home Stretch
6. The Telephone
7. Meeting and Passing
8. Hyla Brook
9. The Oven Bird
10. Bond and Free
11. Birches
12. Pea Brush
13. Putting in the Seed
14. A Time to Talk
15. The Cow in Apple Time
16. An Encounter
17. Range-finding
18. The Hill Wife
19. The Bonfire
20. A Girl’s Garden
21. The Exposed Nest
22. ‘Out, Out—‘
23. Brown’s Descent, or the Willy-nilly Slide
24. The Gum-gatherer
25. The Line-gang
26. The Vanishing Red
27. Snow
28. The Sound of the Trees

For the 1930 publication of Frost's Collected Poems, "The Exposed Nest" became the fourth poem in the book and two poems, "Locked Out" and "The Last Word of a Bluebird" were retroactively added to the volume. Later collections usually adhere to these changes.

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