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This is a song by Ween, from the album Pure Guava.

On Ween's lyric sheet this entire song is just a big question mark. They have no idea what they said, even. It sounds as if someone went on an acid trip in a sound studio with lots of distortion instruments to play with, and we are hearing the result. Incidentally, I have no idea why it's called Mourning Glory.

Mostly it has someone ranting about pumpkins. It seems a very muddled individual is attempting to relate a story about something that happened, but is getting lost in a fairy tale and a bad trip. A little snippet of the nonsense I've managed to pick out:

These three little pumpkins went into the woods and they said,
They said today we're gonna find something really good to look at.
And they went into the woods and they looked at all the little trees.
And they said this woods is really continuous little trees.
You know, 'cause nature is just as part of us as we are to the earth.
I said yeah.
And the pumpkins, the pumpkins went further into the woods.
And they came across this little man . . . with a big, big head.
And the little man said,
What's your fucking idea you fuckers?!
What are you fucking high?!
And the little pumpkin says,
We're the pumpkins to join yours for a loose the pumpkin.
Oooey! Oooey! Oooey!
You ain't been in my world.
You never been in my world.
You never will be in my world.
You go away and you'll never be in my world again.
The pumpkin boy said, yes you will, yes you will, I think to stay.

This is only a very small bit of the whole song, which is not really a SONG per se, more of just a rant, as mentioned. It's actually quite amusing because it seems there is no real music and no reason to record this, almost like they didn't understand they were being recorded, except for the telltale cry of "Stop the tape!" right at the end when they stop the tape. Mercifully.

This song is © 1992 by Ween, Elektra Records (Cassette), © 1992 CD Creation Records (CD).

Pure Guava
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