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The scenario: We had been doing some sandbox testing on Microsoft SharePoint Portal and began to run into errors. Specifically 503 errors from the server. Upon examining the server it was discovered that the software had been installed on a partition with almost no space.
The initial fix that we examined was that we had to reinstall the software and loose the content (the machines in the sandbox are rarely backed up) Knowing that this would be the third time we would have to reinstall the server I asked to try to move the software to another drive.
These were the steps taken
  1. Shut down all windows services that are unrelated to core system functionality most importantly
  2. Copy the whole directories onto the other drive.
  3. Using the Disk Administrator switch the drive letters (this may require multiple restarts)
  4. Check the portal
Overall the process takes less than 1 hour. With a total recovery of the system. While this is NOT for a novice W2K user or a practice that should be done daily. It will save time in migrating SharePoint data from one drive to another

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